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A Python package to process text with the Receptiviti API.

An R package is also available at Receptiviti/receptiviti-r.


If needed, download Python from, then install the package with pip:

Release (version 0.1.2)

pip install receptiviti


pip install git+

And load the package in a python console:

import receptiviti


# score a single text
single = receptiviti.request("a text to score")

# score multiple texts, and write results to a file
multi = receptiviti.request(["first text to score", "second text"], "filename.csv")

# score texts in separate files
## defaults to look for .txt files
file_results = receptiviti.request(directory = "./path/to/txt_folder")

## could be .csv
file_results = receptiviti.request(
  directory = "./path/to/csv_folder",
  text_column = "text", file_type = "csv"

# score texts in a single file
results = receptiviti.request("./path/to/file.csv", text_column = "text")

API Access

To access the API, you will need to load your key and secret, as found on your dashboard.

You can enter these as arguments in each function call, but by default they will be looked for in these environment variables:


You can store these in a .env file (in the current directory or ~/Documents) permanently, or set them temporarily:

import os